Flipping Catalogues

Turn your static PDF documents into visually stunning web optimised presentations (HTML5). These digital catalogues are searchable and simple to navigate with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Fully responsive, they are tailored for optimal view across mobile, tablet and PC devices. Eliminate excess printing costs as once created your client can simply download these e-documents and print their own copies.

e-Commerce enabled. Customers can simply click and select items directly from your e-catalogue which interfaces with your e-commerce solution.

Portability. Ships with software that enables you to display your interactive catalogue on windows and mac devices and burn to disc.

Boost your sales, cut down on printing costs, impress your clients and protect the environment with this innovative marketing tool. Suitable for product catalogues, magazines, newspapers etc.

I charge €100 for custom interface design (in accordance with your company visual identity and your guidance) and €25 for any additional language, with your .pdf provided. I can design .pdf if needed in which case I charge €75 per hour.

Please note that the latest browsers do not allow flash content to be displayed automatically. You can enable this feature by clicking  icon in the address line.

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